On your marks,
get set, go!

'A different language is a different vision of life' -Federico Fellini'

During the English classes, the eighth grades have been learning the past simple and past continuous tense to describe events of the past.
As a way of strengthening the English language skills, it's important to look for different activities that make students feel motivated.
This activity consisted of forming three teams. One student from each team was seated on a chair, while the others were lining up. When the teacher said 'on your marks, get set, go', they did relay races to take a fragment of a reading with the past simple and the past continuous. In this way until all the pieces of paper were gathered; the seated person had to organize the text and finally, they had to answer different questions. The first team who finished it won the game.

¡While the students had fun, they learned! 


By: Teacher Danny Lizeth Hinestroza